USB Rechargeable Smart Sensing Snake
USB Rechargeable Smart Sensing Snake
USB Rechargeable Smart Sensing Snake
USB Rechargeable Smart Sensing Snake
USB Rechargeable Smart Sensing Snake

USB Rechargeable Smart Sensing Snake

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Purr-fect Gift for Your Cat! You adore your cat, but you don't have time to play with it? Do you feel bad about your cat's weight gain? Don't be concerned! Keep an eye on them all day as they hunt for the Tricky Snake Toy!

Keep your cat entertained and active playing with this smart sensing infrared interactive realistic snake toy!

This Motion Sensor Remote Control Snake for Cats & Dogs is so realistic in the way it moves, and will guarantee hours of fun! It is a great way to keep your cats and dogs entertained and provide them with some much needed exercise. It is able to move around automatically when your pet gets close enough to it, which makes it seem like it's a real life snake!

The smart sensing interactive snake toy has a built-in infrared sensor, which can automatically sense obstacles and escape. When the smart snake escapes, the eyes will emit red LED lights, and the tongue will start swallowing, especially at night, the fun is doubled, bringing children a different gaming experience.


  • Realistic imitation : We all know cats love chasing and hunting. They are very active animals and need lots of stimulation to be happy.
    Give your cat hours of entertainment and amusement with this realistic imitation of a 40 cm long snake.
    Its smooth, segmented body, tail wagging, and retractable tongue make it look so real! But that’s not all - the snake has built-in flashlight to catch your cat’s attention and encourage it to play.
  • Movement functions: This cat toy not only looks like a snake but is also designed to move. Its flexible body and built-in wheels let it slide and slither around your house giving your cat an interesting object to chase.
  • Convenient charging options : Use the remote control with 3 RL44 button batteries included. You will also receive an USB charging cable to charge your snake - it will take only about 30 minutes and the toy is ready to play! The charging port and the ON/OFF button is installed under the snake so it’s not visible.
  • Durable and pet-friendly : With wear-resistant tires and high-performance motors this fake snake cat toy will keep your pet entertained for a long time. It’s made of high quality ABS plastic, resistant to friction, impact and breakage so you can enjoy playing with your cat as much as you want. The material is non-toxic and pet-friendly so your cat can chew on a toy. 

The Benefits

✔️ Satisfy your cat's hunting instincts and keep them busy - Make it easier to leave them in the morning as you go to work
✔️ Keep your cat or dog entertained for hours on end!
✔️ Help keep them happy and healthy with a good level of active movement everyday!
✔️ The best gift -  The best gift for any new pawrent!


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Length: 40cm
  • Function: forward, left, right, circle
  • USB charging option
  • Charging time: appr. 30 min
  • Operating time: 20 min when fully charged


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