Whack a Mole Cat Toy
Whack a Mole Cat Toy

Whack a Mole Cat Toy

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If you are looking for the best device to help you raise a well-trained, healthy cat with sharp hunting instincts and excellent mental alertness, then you’ll both love playing with this interactive cat toy! Relax and watch them roll about, or join in the fun and get ever closer to your feline friends.

It’s made out of wood which means it will last very long and your cat will not be able to destroy it right away! Also as you can see in a picture whack a mole cat toy comes with five levers so if you have more than one cat they all will be able to play together.

Material: Solid Wood

Size: 14.4 X 10.6 X 4 inch

Weight: 2.5lb


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