Cat Hair Removal Comb Brush

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Color: Yellow

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The Cat Hair Removal Comb Brush removes shedding fur from your cat with ease. Its pet-safe bristles are designed to gently reduce shedding and maintain a healthy coat. With regular use, this brush gives cats an enjoyable grooming experience and keeps their fur free of knots.

Cat Hair Removal Comb Brush

Tame your feline's mane with this Cat Hair Removal Comb Brush! With gentle, sensitive bristles designed to remove excess fur, this brush is the purrfect solution to keeping your kitty free of shedding furballs. Now you can keep your home comfortably neat and fur-free in a jiffy!

Cat Hair Removal Comb Brush
Your grooming experiences are now simpler and less burdensome. Our tool ensures less mess, quicker sessions, and less agony for both you and your pet. Plus, our sturdy, easy-grip construction prevents slipping and won't burden your wrist.


Cat Hair Removal Comb Brush

The fine wire bristles of our Self-Cleaning Brush are slightly bent, allowing for effective removal of fur down to the pet's undercoat without causing irritation or scratches. A truly relaxing grooming experience!

Cat Hair Removal Comb Brush


  • The Cat Hair Removal Comb Brush efficiently eliminates dead hairs, tangles and knots.
  • Easy to clean at the push of a button (literally!)
  • Grooms fur for improved luster and health.
  • Avoids painful skin-scratching.
  • Cats with long, medium, and short hair can all benefit from the comb's effectiveness.
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