Pizza Dog Snuffle Mat

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Make mealtime a fun and exciting experience for your pup with this Pizza Round Dog Snuffle Mat! This innovative mat is made of fleece fabric and non-slip fabric to create an engaging and challenging game of hide-and-seek with treats--guaranteed to have your pup's nose working overtime. Not only does it give your pup a mental workout, but it also helps promote better digestion and helps prevent bloating. All in all, it's a "slice" of heaven for your pup!

The Pizza Round Dog Snuffle Mat offers a fun and creative way to engage your pup in an enriching activity. Constructed with fleece, this mat is designed to stimulate your dog's natural instincts for foraging and encourages nose work skills. The mat features non-slip design and is detachable for easy cleaning. Perfect for slow feeding and enriching your pup's life.

The Snuffle Mat is 50cm in diameter and helps to engage your pup's sense of smell with the hidden treats inside. It's a fun and challenging way to give your pup much-needed mental stimulation.

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