Dog Carrot Snuffle Activity Mat Toy

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Introduce fun and interactive playtime for your pup with the Dog Carrot Snuffle Activity Mat Toy! This unique toy is designed to engage and entertain your pup - the treats hidden under the carrots encourage him to explore and forage. 

This Carrot Snuffle Activity Mat is a fun and interactive toy for your pup. Crafted from high-quality non-toxic material, it features 12 hidden treat pits to stimulate your pup's sense of smell and keep them engaged. Enjoy watching your pup use their problem-solving skills to find the treats.

Engage your pup mentally and physically with this Dog Carrot Snuffle Activity Mat Toy. Hide treats in the holes beneath the carrots and challenge them to sniff and search for them. This toy helps to reduce boredom, burn off energy, and promote relaxation - a perfect way to keep your pup entertained for hours.


Perfect for curious and intelligent dogs: The attractive carrot shapes create an intriguing experience for your furry friend. Even when alone, your pet can be engaged in a stimulating playtime.

Comfortable fabric: The exterior of this mat is crafted from crystal cotton fabric, providing a soft yet durable texture. The interior is fully filled with ultra-resilient cotton for increased comfort and durability, ensuring your beloved pet is securely cushioned as they play.

Improves mood & prevents destructive behaviour: This toy encourages natural behaviour, stimulating the release of endorphins in your dog's brain, bringing them joy and contentment, leading to fewer episodes of destructive behaviour and a happier pup and owner.

Increased interaction: This mat enables interactive play between you and your pet, resulting in enhanced bonding and closer relationships.

Main material:

Plush, polypropylene, sponge

Product Size:

Mat: 35*35 cm / 13.8*13.8 in

Carrot: 13*7 cm / 5.1*2.8 in

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