Floppy Fish Cat Toy

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Color: Grass Carp

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Is your cat bored of its old toys? Too busy to constantly play with your beloved pets?

This Floppy Fish Toy will definitely keep your cat entertained for hours and also prevent the from biting your hands and legs!

This Fish Kicker Moves When Your Cat Touches It - A new MUST have for every cat's toy collection! 

This real-looking Fish Cat Toy is a crowd-pleaser for both cats and dogs.

Automatic Moving Fish Toy Every time your feline touches this cat kicker toy. the built-in motion sensor kicks into action and the cat teaser moves in a wiggling way. intriguing your cat to kick and play. This smart cat toy prompts sporadic movements and stimulates cat hunting instincts. keeping cats physically fit and mentally active.

USB Chargeable & Durable Materials

This kitty toy is made of durable cotton plush. Material is bite-resistant. safe and non-toxic for your kitten; a USB cable is included in the package. The infused chargeable motor is detachable. After use. you only need to take out the catnip bag and Electric device. then you can easily clean it.

Easier Attract Cat Attention

The vivid moving fish toy looks like a real fish. an eye-catcher for cats. keeping your kitty on her paws and engaged in real-time. alleviating boredom and loneliness when you are away from home; The moving catfish are a great way to help get your cat excited for playtime by stimulating their natural hunter instincts.

Infused Cat-nips

Creative cute fish-shaped design attracts the cat's sight. and circulate the taste of catnip. let your cat love it most cats can get excited and happy at the smell of cat-nips. Cat-nips could relieve your kitty of depression and stress.

Safe And Non-toxic Material

Made of high-quality cotton lint material, non-toxic, and will not harm your cat.

Self-Moving Fish Toy for Cats: With built-in motion sensor, it can move automatically like a real fish.

Realistic Fish Simulation: The vivid moving fish toy looks like a real fish, an eye-catcher for cats, keeping your kitty on her paws and engaged in real time, alleviating boredom and loneliness when you are away from home;

USB Chargeable: This toy is USB chargeable which saves you from the hassle and costs to replace batteries. USB cable is included in the package. 

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