Cat Automatic Rolling Ball

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Color: Blue

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Keep your cat entertained with our Cat Automatic Rolling Ball. The automatic rolling ball helps your cat to stay interacted with the toy and play with it joyfully. The ball is is an interactive toy that automatically rolls and bounces to catch your cat’s attention and provide them with the purr-fect exercise and stimulation.


  • Two Modes: Normal mode (toy starts to roll freely, and automatically shuts down after 5 minutes) & Smart mode (press and hold for 3 seconds in normal mode to switch to smart mode), The toy automatically shuts off after 5 minutes, activates the toy when the cat touches it, allowing the cat to play anytime.

  • Rolling Quiet: Over 90% of the outer shell is equipped with sound-dampening cache material, leading to a virtually silent rolling motion.

  • Automatical Obstacle Avoidance Function: Featuring an intuitive motion sensor and obstacle avoidance system, Ball automatically reverses direction and moves away when encountering impasses or narrow areas, eliminating the worry of becoming stuck.

  • Keep Your Cat Busy: A great solution for keeping your cats active all day. Not only will they enjoy playing catch and chasing, but it also offers exercise opportunities that help cats stay physically fit and mentally stimulated, assisting in reducing boredom and depression.

Package includes:

1 x Smart Interactive Cat Ball

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